Club Skipper Jono Blanch won his third consecutive Senior Best & Fairest Award at the Annual PresenationNight hosted at Beau Monde in Doncaster. In true Jono style, he accepted his award with great modesty and instead used the opportunity to encourage the many young players to strive for great things in 2019. Sheagles Senior Best and Fairest was Laura Robertson. See all the photos from the night

Award Winners

Under 19s
Runner Up – Liam Atherton
Best and Fairest – William Campitelli

Sheagle Reserves
Runner Up – Emily McMahon
Best and Fairest – Rita Mankowska

Runner Up – Cameron Kemp
Best and Fairest – Nick Raso

Runner Up – Mitch Jones
Best and Fairest – Jake Maher

Runner Up – Taylor Padfield
Best and Fairest – Laura Robertson

Runner Up – Max Di Ciccio and James Robertson
Best and Fairest – Jonathan Blanch

Picture of Laura Robertson

Photo: Laura Robertson

Photo of Rita Mankwoska

Photo: Rita Mankowska

Picture of Jono Blanch

Photo: Jono Blanch

Photo of Nick Raso

Photo: Nick Raso

Picture of Jake Maher

Photo: Jake Maher

Photo of William Campitelli

Photo: William Campitelli