I first started playing with Zac (aka Toll) back in the Tackers days and there are a few standout traits that I’ve noticed over the 10+ years playing together.

Firstly, Toll is known for his ability to dominate the attacking midfield switching half-forward role, usually having 30 touches, kicking a few goals and letting you know all about it after the match.

Zac is always attending club functions, mostly for the food and drink, but nonetheless he attends and supports the club in every way he can. Having missed not too many games and next to none MOCFC events, it’s safe to say that Toll loves the club and brightens up even the darkest days, either on field or off field.

To sum up Toll in a few words; a great footballer, but a better mate, and that’s why all of us at MOCFC love having Toll around the club, making the most out of every situation and always leaving it all out on the field. Congratulations on your 50th, I’m sure there will be plenty of more games to come, and even more times where you can tell us how well you played, go well mate.

– Bradley Perillo


This week is Isaac Nolan’s 50th game.

Isaac has been a pleasure to play football with. On the field Isaac is a lively X-Factor who has a knack for kicking goals. Off the field, Isaac is well liked in the playing group for his quirky and funny nature

My favourite memories of playing football with Isaac so far at MOCFC was our Under 19s year in 2017, in which we made the Preliminary Final. During this season, he was our leading goalkicker and occasionally came up the ground to play on ball beside me.

Nolzy congrats on 50 games. Always a pleasure and never a chore.

– Luca Zanella


This week one of Marcellin’s greatest characters plays his 50th game: Alastair Clayton.

Lovingly known as “Sweats,” the impact he made on the club upon his arrival as an 18 year old in 2015 was immediate. Al is a gifted footballer and made his debut in the senior side in Round 1 that year straight out of school.

A multitude of injuries over the years have prevented him from contributing regularly to the senior team, however his input off the field has been invaluable to the club highlighted by his infamous #sweatssessions run in the gym over summer.

Despite being the sole reason why no one wants to wear the bibs at training, you are a much loved and respected figure at Marcellin and we hope you have many fine years ahead of you at the club.

Congratulations mate.

– Andrew Kay