Our two 50 game milestones come from some exciting young players in Ry Elphinstone and Mark Andros.

Elphinstone has shown continuous improvement every year he has been apart of the Club, growing from an important member in the Reserves finals runs of 2017 and 2018 to lining up for the Seniors in Round 1 this year.

For those of you that don’t know, Ry is actually the son of St Kilda legend Robert Elphinstone. It’s really no wonder why Ry has such a beautiful kick on both sides of his body and a nice marking motion. I mean with Ry’s kick it’s either a spear through your chest or it’s missing you by 15 meters, and for his marking action well I put him in the top two for lankiest blokes, right up there with Tim Clifford.

I tell you what Ry does love the footy functions, he bloody sends it every time. I’m sure some of you experienced that first hand at prom night when he was at his best yet again, just watch out next time because he has a tendency to lick ears when intoxicated.

Ry I’ve played footy with you since U11’s at Beverly and it’s been amazing how I’ve seen you grow into the footballer you are, and have enjoyed every game we have played together, keep doing what you do mate. Congrats on 50 games this week and I hope we can pull home a win for you!!

– Matthew De Luca


Andros has been a consistent Seniors player through his career with the Club, starting from a strong Under 19s season before he began to flourish more and more. Congratulations to both boys on their 50th game this weekend, we wish them all the best.


I’ve played footy with Dros since juniors down at Banyule and his come a long from the chubby boy who’d be puffing at the thought of a warmup lap.

I won’t tell you he’s the hardest worker when it comes to preseason, or the toughest bloke when it comes to playing through a slight niggle, but everyone will agree that when the you’re running out on a Saturday, it’s always better to have Dros on your side.

It’s been a pleasure to watch you progress in your development, then regress, then progress then regress. Mark was the first of the 2015 graduating class to play senior football in 2016, yet was the only one to be named in the threes come round one this year. The scariest thing about that, is that if we give it a few weeks you’ll probably jump slot straight back into the ones. You’re a great talent mate, but an even better bloke.

Enjoy your 50th mate, go well!

– Daniel Lunn



We wish these players all the best for this weekend.