A favourite of our club, we congratulate Patrick Lunn who will play Game 100 this weekend for the Seniors.

Patrick has become a favourite at the Marcellin Old Collegians, with his ability to fight on the field making him a valued member of the Senior team. Off the field, there is no bloke you would want more at a social function. Congratulations to Patrick on this achievement, and we cannot wait for the next 100 games to come.

When it comes to teammates, it would be hard to find one better than Pat Lunn.

A dedicated player who leaves nothing in the tank when he lines-up each week, Lunny will play his 100th game this weekend. This is a fitting reward for the work he’s put in over the past six seasons at the club. Having debuted with Lunny at the Nest as an Under 19 back in 2014, he quickly displayed the attributes that have seen him become such a valued member of the club for so long.

He always puts the team first, is willing to fight through almost any injury and refuses to go down without a fight. Those attributes saw him earn a Senior debut that same year, and since then, he’s become a valuable player for the club.

While he’s yo-yo’d back and forth between Seniors and Reserves over the years, Lunny has never let that kill his confidence, in-fact, he’s used it to motivate him further, which is a true testament to his resilient character.

Off-the-field he’s a great mate who would be there for anyone (that’s if his phone has battery and he actually answers it), and is always the life of the party at any club function. He hasn’t been given the nickname ‘Party Lunn’ for nothing.

So Lunny, all the best for your 100th game this weekend. I know you’ll give it your all, and I feel for whatever poor half-forward you line-up on at the opening bounce.

– Mitch Jones

Congratulations to Lunny on this achievement, and we cannot wait for the next 100 games to come.