Two young guns of the club, Bradley Perillo and Anthony Berlangieri will both suit up for their 50th game this weekend.

Perillo, entering his Fourth season at the Marcellin Old Collegians, has made a name for himself for his hard work on the Wing in the Reserves. A reliable player who made his first Senior appearance last year, his performance continues to be a bright spot in every team he is in.

Brad and I have played footy together since tackers at Banyule. It has been an honour to watch you develop into a tidy wingman who isn’t afraid to get a hard ball or sit outside the pack and use your racking left foot to cause headaches for the opposition.

Brad enjoys a club function, including the time where he was that intoxicated at the Nest Ball he managed to vomit on a couple of lovely ladies and didn’t realised he had done it.

It has been a pleasure to play many a game with you over the past 13 years and hopefully one day you can fix your nagging shoulder complaint and find yourself adding to your one senior game.

Congrats on 50 games.

– Zac Tolley


Another loved member of the club, Berlangieri has carved out quite the career in his time for the Nest. Floating between the Reserves and Thirds, Berla has continued to be a strong precense in the backline in every game he plays.

This week Anthony Berlangieri plays his 50th game for the club.

Known to all as “Berla”, he came down to the club back in 2016 playing under 19s footy under Simon Abrahams. Berla quickly became a reliable defender down back with his clean skills and meatball like figure providing a physical presence. Berla also loves running in circles and trying to do a lot coming out of defence, sometimes ending in disastrous holding the balls which always used to make his mate Joel Cecala laugh.

In recent times Berla has spent time in both the Reserves and Thirds, always performing his role and having a good time with his mates. Disaster almost struck at the start of this season with the club almost running out of suitable jumper sizes for Berla and his meatball rig. Look out for Berla on Saturday with his ultra tight jumper running around in circles with the pill in defence.

Congrats on the 50 games mate.

– Tim Clifford

We congratulate both boys on their achievment, and wish them the best of luck for their respective games this weekend.