We are approaching the mid-point of season 2019 and it is time to reflect on how the club is progressing this year.

The club is growing despite the departure of distinguished players that have decided to hang up the boots but also remain staunch supporters. Excitingly, many sensational new young players are eager and ready to take their place in senior sides.

Our youngest player is 16, the average age of our senior men’s team is around 20, and our Under 19 team is very strong this year. Our 3rds team is going well, regularly supplying players to the Reserves as it should, and the women are playing better every week.

This is great for the club, and we are looking forward to all these exciting young talents to improve over the next decade and to enjoy the success the club deserves.

We are facing some challenges, the most immediate of which is financial. Inevitably younger players are less able financially to support the club in the traditional manner of fundraising nights, so we are appealing to our families and the wider community.

In order to cater to our players’ changed wants and needs, we cancelled some fundraising events, including the Gala Ball. The Ball raised close to $20,000 last year, we budgeted for that and now the club faces a shortfall this year. The Nest Ball, held last weekend, was a great success for the players but just broke even financially.

We are asking for help from the players and their families.

We are asking anyone who has a tax liability at the end of June to consider making a donation to the club through the Australian Sports Foundation. This means that if you donate to the club, that donation becomes fully tax deductible.

In simple terms, you can either donate money to the club, or give it all to the taxation department.

I am asking all players to bring this to the attention of your parents and families, as a donation from each person connected to the club will make a huge difference to our ability to provide the excellent coaching, training, medical and other facilities we enjoy. When you make a donation, a tax receipt will be sent to you, ready to be included in your Tax return.

We understand that a lot of players will pay no tax due to part time work while studying, but please ask your parents and family to donate. It will help the club, it will help you, and there is a tax benefit as well.

The donation is easy to make, just click here.

Best Regards,

Marcus Clayton
President MOCFC