Three players from three different teams will line up for their 100th game this weekend, as Adrian Bonato, Lachie Mackie and Cam Kemp all reach their milestone game.

Adrian Bonato has notched up quite the Senior career in his short time. After making his debut in 2014, he has made a name for himself as a ferocious defender that is able to fight through injury and be as tough as any other.

Congratulations to Adrian Bonato on playing his 100th game this weekend.

Joining the club in 2013 after finishing Year 12 at the school, Adrian enjoyed a dominant year in the Under 19’s before suffering a serious injury that ended his season early right before he was about to make his senior debut. 

Since round 1 of the 2014 season, Adrian has been an integral part of the senior side, playing as a tough defender who loves the chance to kick a goal and causes headaches for his opponent all day. 

Adrian is the ultimate clubman, always being the first to offer a hand around the club and the last to leave after making sure all the required jobs are done. 

I look forward to playing many more games with Adrian over the years and one day sharing that elusive premiership we have just fallen short of in the past. Best of luck for this weekend.

– Jeremiah Antypas


Lachie Mackie, similar to Bona, has carved out his own name as a strong defender for the club. After registering some Senior games over the last few years, Mackie has continued to improve while remaining as vital to the Reserves as ever.

If there’s a bloke you’d want to run out with each week you’d struggle to find one better than Lachlan Mackie. 

Since the first moment he walked into the place as a wide eyed 17 year old in 2013 he has made a massive impact on the club and every teammate he has played with. 

His attack on the footy is second to none, so much so that it scares me most of the time the way he is constantly running back with the flight and putting himself in car crash like collisions. For a bloke not even 6 foot I feel I can walk a little taller (not that I need the encouragement) when I see Lachlan chuck his head over the footy, get crunched by the biggest bloke on the other team and straight away bounce back onto his feet, his tenacity is inspiring.  

He works just as hard off the field as he does on where he is usually sighted in the middle of any dance floor in Melbourne cutting shapes and drinking vodka pineapples like its his job. 

On a personal level he is one of the greatest blokes you could possibly know and it has been a pleasure to call him a teammate and furthermore a brother. Go well on Saturday Lachlan, we are all with you.

– Patrick Chard


Our final 100 game player in Round 9 is none other than Cameron Kemp. Kempy is a player that does not get as much recognition as he deserves. His versality around the ground is second to none, and his leadership in the Threes has made them a consistent finals threat.

He loves his footy, Camma. Rain hail or shine he wakes up every Saturday, eats his bowl of cereal and jets down to have a kick with his mates and to sit on the shoulders of the opposition.

I’ve played a lot of footy with Cam over the years, all the way back to tackers. We’ve won together and lost together, nothing proves this more than our 1-4 record in grand finals.

He’s the sort of person who’s the last to leave the change rooms each week because he’s helping to sweep the floor or pack up the water bottles. 

100 games at the club is a testament to him and I’m sure there’ll be 100 more for him to still clanger the pill to me in the forward 50.

Congrats mate!

– Tom Cullen