One of our club favourites, Tim Clifford will be lining up in a Marcellin guernsey for the 50th time this weekend.

After beginning his career in the 19s in 2015, the man known has Hot Dogs has had a steady pace of games. A deep forward with a booming right foot, his contribution off the field is second to none.

A favourite at the club, we congratulate Tim Clifford on 50 games this Saturday.

Known by many as ‘Hot Dogs’ or ‘Cliff’, Tim came to the club in 2015 where he played in the Under 19s team under the infamous Tony Norris. It wasn’t until my first year of U19s in 2016 that I had the privilege to play alongside Cliff. He made his presence felt after each home and away game up at the old boy’s canteen where he would often emerge down onto the Bray or Lyons Oval to watch his close mates with a Gatorade tucked under the arm and a hot dog or two in each hand, ready to talk the ears off anyone in his vicinity.

A lover of beer and club social events has seen Tim fit in almost seamlessly within the playing group and helped forge strong friendships with younger and older players at the club, of which he holds a high level of respect for. Cliff’s always up for hanging out with his mates and has quickly became one of the most iconic figures at the club.

One of my favourite memories of Tim, was in our U19s year on a Thursday night training session. An angry Simon Abraham’s took us that year and he wasn’t in the best of moods that evening, spraying and getting stuck into players for poor performances over the weekend and not training hard enough. Joel Cecala and I had come off a cone ready for Cliff to kick, which he absolutely shanked and ended up skyrocketing into gum trees and almost onto Bulleen Road. Simon Abrahams let out an ‘ohhh for **** sake Tim’. Checks and myself couldn’t control ourselves and burst out in laughter.

A similar incident occurred in a Reserves game against Oakleigh on the Bray Oval. Tim had marked the ball in the forward line 25m out, slightest of angles. He had the Senior and U19s side watching from the club rooms, whilst Lucas Bosio, Andrew Menegas and myself were behind the goals trying our best to give Cliff a target to aim for. This was going to bring the house down if he were to kick the goal. He comes in, kicks the ground and the ball went all but 15m not making the distance.

Shanks aside, many will remember when Tim launched a goal into a hallowing wind down at Mentone against St. Bedes in his first U19s season, which stemmed the flow of the game and saw us run out winners.

Tim’s attitude towards his footy has always been about playing with his mates and has made him an awesome bloke to be around on and off the field. Its great achievement reaching this feat, and we’d like to congratulate Cliff. All the best Saturday mate.

Anthony Berlangieri

We wish Cliff all the best for this weekend. We love you mate.