A great man hits a great milestone, as Nathan Whelan will play game number 50 this weekend against Old Camberwell.

Starting his career in Under 19s, Wags has continued to interchange from a key forward to a key back. Finding his place in CHB, Wags has carved himself a consistent spot in the Reserves and continues to push for a Senior selection every week he plays.

An off-field favourite at the club, we congratulate Nathan Whelan on 50 games this Saturday.

Known by many as ‘Wags’ or ‘Wheels’, Nathan came to the club in 2015 where he played in the Under 19s team where it is rumoured Nathan was the King Pin behind the idea to make trainings on Monday’s and Wednesday’s so he could attend the infamous Hawthorn ‘Hawka’ Hotel on Tuesday nights. This is where the whispers of a potential Silly Sunday superstar in the making started to appear around the club with Nathan attending the Hawka 47 weeks in a row.

As an avid lover of beer and vodka raspberries, it wasn’t hard for Nathan to fit in with younger and older players around the club, pub crawl and social events is where Wags really stands up and makes a name for himself. Unfortunately for the club Nathan took some time off to discover himself in Europe for the 2016 season which meant time off footy and one less key member on Pub Crawl day.

It has taken a while for Nathan to reach 50 games with work, injuries, travel and hangovers all being contributing factors to the extended time it has taken. If not for these I’m sure Nathan would have had a Senior’s call up by now, his athletic ability and work down back has been outstanding since he started at the club and has shown his best footy is at a Senior level.

Nathan’s attitude towards his footy has always been about playing with his mates and enjoying post game meals at the Greekery for a souvlaki, all in all Wags is an awesome bloke to be around on and off the field. It is a great achievement reaching the 50, hopefully there’s plenty more to come.

All the best Saturday #Wags50

– Jackson Green

We wish Nathan all the best for this weekend, and hope the gets the W.