A young star hits a milestone, as Shaun Tyquin will line up for game 50 this weekend against Ormond.

Starting his Marcellin Old Collegians career in Year 12, Shaun established himself as a consistent midfielder in the Under 19s. After concluding his Under 19s, Shaun became a consistent Senior footballer, with almost half his games coming in the Seniors.

Shaun has been a committed eagle from the beginning of his career at the Old boys.

Simon Abrahams couldn’t convince him to finish his business management homework instead convincing him to don the Eagles jumper while continuing to play school football. Shaun showed talent that has led to his consistency as a senior player over 2018 and 2019. Tykes polled many league votes in his first two years at the club, and was not afraid to let anyone know about it.

Ever since cutting those luscious locks Tykes is yet to poll another league vote.

Tykes is also an excellent club man showing his face at many functions, getting along well with all players, and especially their girlfriends. Shaun is what could be known as a utility. In his senior career he has played half forward, half back, wing and midfield while also being adamant that he would make a solid full forward. Tykes would have been closer to the 100 game milestone if he didn’t book about 3 holidays with his Missus during the footy season.

Congrats on 50 solid games mate let’s hope there are many more to come.

– Lachy Rush

Congrats to Tykes on 50 games, we cannot wait to see what this young gun has in store for us going forward.