A club icon hits a milestone, as Robbie Kemp reaches his 150th game this weekend against Old Geelong.

Kemp, more commonly known as Skull, is known for being a key defender, shutting down opponents constantly in the Threes. A formidibale force with a nickname to match, Skull has made a name for himself through his hard play down back.

Footballing success can take many forms. Premierships, best and fairests and leading goal kicker awards often elude almost all of us. Robbie, on the other hand, has had his career decorated with a trophy cabinet full of coaches awards and, more importantly, the respect of his teammates.

Skull’s is the first name stuck to the whiteboard each week; the perennial full back. There is a calm and order that he brings to any backline which is as valuable as any goal kicked. Nothing thrills the Skull more than keeping his opponent goalless and finishing a game with more spoils than kicks – a feat he achieves regularly.

We’ve both been fortunate to play a large number of games with Skull and what we, along with many others, never take for granted is his willingness to always do what is necessary to get the job done. Most often this takes the form of lining up beside the angry 6’6” full forward with a penchant for off the ball violence. It is this enthusiasm to get his hands dirty that makes him a great teammate and such a valued member of the club.

Skull’s most recent goal, way back in 2016, is probably the best example of his defender’s mentality. In the final quarter of a 150 point win, Robbie found himself on the receiving end of a handball over the top while running into an open goal. Unsure of himself in these uncharted waters, he promptly dropped the ball, tripped over attempting to pick it back up and accidentally clipped it with a mere shoelace as it trickled over the line. As 17 teammates burst into hysterics, Skull made his way back to the defensive 50 and declared his forward line career over.

Skull, you should feel immensely proud of what you have accomplished. We won’t touch on your fondness for post-game showers but we do congratulate you on reaching 150 games – a fantastic achievement!

Congratulations Robbie – 150 industrious games!

– Cam & Stu Kemp

We wish Robbie all the best for his 150th game, his last game for the year before he goes overseas.