A young Senior player reaches a milestone, as Lachlan Rush hits game 50 this weekend against Mazenod.

Rushy began his Marcellin Old Collegian career as a Year 12 student, kicking 14 goals in the Under 19s in 2016. He appeared in 8 Under 19s games, and his form was so impressive that he was awarded with a selection into the Senior side whilst he was still a schoolboy.

From there, Rushy has never looked back. Through his on and off-field performances, Rushy has become quite the favourite around the club.

Lachlan, or more formally know as Rushy, has been a loyal servant for the club starting his career back in year 12 under the guidance of Mr. Abrahams.

I remember one game at halftime after a poor effort against the opposition. Abrahams, who was one of our high school teachers at the time, was going off, yelling and swearing. After this onslaught of a roasting Rushy and myself couldn’t get out of the rooms faster enough. Not due to what inspiring words Abrahams had said but to run out in hysterics over how a teacher was swearing in front of us.

Rushy’s injury prone body has one of the best looking rigs at the club due to the lack of running he does. He is also one of the chirpiest blokes on the field at the same time you want to play on him due to his lack of leg speed but then again you don’t want to be playing on someone who will chew your ear off all game. When it comes to off field he is one of the best blokes to share a beer or few with and watch his antics go about.

All in all congrats on an excellent 50 games and let’s hope that summer body holds up and there are many more to come.

– Shaun Tyquin

Congratulations to Rushy on reaching 50 games, the Club cannot wait for the next 50.