Cult figure Matt Blanch will line up for game 50 this weekend against Old Carey.

Matty has become quite the figure at the club, being an off-field favourite for many. On field, Matty has made several finals appearances in the Threes as well as a few Grand Final appearances. A favourite for many, you can never question Mattys love for the club and his ability to give 100% (both on and off-field.)

Its finally come around where the legend of Matt Blanch has read the fabulous Milestone of 50 games.

Even before my arrival to the club, it was clear that Matty was a much loved member of the club and typifies the meaning of a true clubman. Matty gives his all each and every time on and off the field, and makes the club a better place.

Its been a pleasure and an honour in being part of Matty’s 50 games for Marcellin and we wish him all the very best for many more…

– Lewis Chiodo


I had to add this.

My favourite moment of Matt Blanch was not on-field, it was after the 2017 Reserves Grand Final. Alastair Clayton, the Full Forward, was injured and did not play to his full ability. Following the game, Blanchy asked us if any of us had seen Al that day. It still makes me laugh 2 years on.

Love you Blanchy.

– Matthew Frost

We congratulate Blanchy for his achievement, and wish him luck this weekend against Old Carey.