Mitch Jones, more commonly known as Ox, will line up for his 100th game this weekend in the Seniors against PEGS.

Ox began his career in the Under 19s, where he was named Captain in 2015. From there, he transitioned to Senior football where he became the primary Ruckman. Playing a majority of his games in the Seniors since his debut, Ox has cemented his place as one of the the more talented big men in Premier C.

Mitch debuted for MOCFC in 2014 in the Under 19’s. It was there that the nickname Ox caught on and a club cult hero was born, Ox quickly endearing himself to everyone at the club through his enthusiasm, humour, love of a good time at club functions and footballing ability.

Since then Ox has gone from strength to strength as a player, becoming the senior sides starting ruckman and one of the premier ruckman in Premier C.

Despite this, Ox’s progression as a player has not always been smooth with his tendency to commit ill-disciplined acts on field causing frustration to both teammates and coaches alike. It was in the first quarter of the first 2019 practice game that Ox gave away a 50m penalty, senior coach Glenn Cox throwing down his hat yelling ‘I knew he would be the first to give one away this season. I bloody knew it. Lewy, get him off!’ Watching Ox trudge off to the bench alongside the runner has been an all too common sight for Marcellin fans over the years.

On a personal note, some of my favourite footballing memories with Ox were the drives to and from away games in our younger years. This was until we sat through a complete playlist of songs solely written, sung/rapped and recorded by Ox on the entire trip to and from Williamstown. It was then that I decided to ramp up efforts to obtain my driver’s license.

You could not ask for a better teammate than Ox. Fiercely competitive, loyal to the club and his teammates and gives his all week in week out in one of the most challenging positions on the ground. He is the sort of character that brings vibrancy and energy to a football club. Players gravitate towards him at trainings and club functions for a laugh and chat such is his inclusive and friendly nature.

I look forward to the next 100 games of exquisite tapwork, big pack marks and hopefully a flag together. The club wouldn’t be what it is without you mate, can’t wait to run out alongside you this weekend.

– Patrick Lunn

We congratulate Ox on this milestone, and cannot wait for the next 100 games to come.