Place: 6th
Record: 7 wins, 8 losses, 1 draw
Leading Goal Kickers: Lucas Mallamace, Tom Cullen (16)

Following a finals run in 2018, our Thirds looked to go further than just a Semi-Final in 2019.

Starting out the season the Threes faced a tough challenger in eventual Premiers Hawthorn, who defeated them by 39pts. Our Thirds fell, but were not down for long. They absolutely obliterated Old Ivanhoe by 135pts in Round 2 behind Lucas Mallamace kicking 6, and followed that up by demolishing Old Xaverians in Round 3 on the back of 4 goals from Nicolas Hullick. Mark Andros was the true standout through the first through games, and was immediately elevated to Reserves and Seniors football for his efforts. Andy Donnoli also made his mark, proving himself as a dangerous forward to fear.

After some great efforts, our Threes form began to slump. They were defeated soundly by Old Geelong, fell just short to Old Carey in Cameron Kemp’s return game, and were overpowered by PEGS on a Friday night game. Nick Watty continued his stellar form from last year, providing excellent support in the backline throughout these few games. Jordan Bettello was also a strong midfield presence, and the presence of Anthony McGlin was impressive to say the least.

After two weeks of mixed results, beating Williamstown before losing to Swinburne University, the Threes began to find some momentum in the next few weeks. They took care of Mazenod easily, with Cameron Kemp booting 7 goals in his 100th game, defeated Old Ivanhoe again quite convincingly and then took revenge against PEGS in Round 11. Over this stretch of games, Tom Cullen moved into a deep forward position that provided 6 goals in this stretch of games. Jack Curran also provided a presence at both ends of the ground.

Although they fell to Hawthorn in Round 12, the Threes had definitely found some form. This culminated in a very impressive victory against Swinburne University, capitalised by a dominant ruck display from Matthew Frost that was influential in the teams win. From there it looked as if the Thirds were making a run home for the finals, but all hopes were dashed after their game against Old Geelong was controversially decided as a draw.

As a result of the draw, our Threes needed to win both their final two games to make finals, but this was thrown out the window as Old Xaverians defeated them in Round 15. To end the season, on Matt Blanchs 50th game, our Threes were defeated yet again by Old Carey. Throughout the end of the season, Daniel Redmond was dominant in the ruck and took his opposition to the cleaners on a weekly basis. After an injury-riddled season, Greg Loucas also ended the season in some fine form.

As the dust settled, it was an unfortunate end for our Threes. Rife with injuries and struggling for numbers, the Thirds did not let that get the better of them and were competitive every week they played. It could even be said that their losses this year spoke more about the team than their victories, as, even in defeat, they were able to provide effort and toughness that made them quite the challenge to come up against.

These were the Milestone players for our Threes this year:

  • Nick Watty – 100 Games (Round 2)
  • Mark Andros – 50 Games (Round 2)
  • Anthony Berlangieri – 50 Games (Round 3)
  • Cameron Kemp – 100 Games (Round 9)
  • Tim Clifford – 50 Games (Round 9)
  • Robert Kemp – 150 Games (Round 14)
  • Matt Blanch – 50 Games (Round 16)

We congratulate our Thirds on their 2019 season, and we anticipate what is in store for Lewis Chiodo’s brigade in 2020.