We congratulate all award winners on Thursday night, as well as those who have been inducted into Life Membership at the club.

Seniors Men
Best and Fairest:
Adam Tomaro (96)
Runner Up:
Patrick Howe (93)
Coaches Award:
Jackson Green
Rising Eagle:
Daniel Di Paola

Reserves Men
Best and Fairest: Lachlan Mackie (69)
Runner Up: Daniel Lunn (68)
Coaches Award: Oscar Flugge

Seniors Women
Best and Fairest: Alana Pane (67)
Runner Up: Olivia Dikanis (64)
Rising Sheagle: Charlotte Linssen
Coaches Award: Libby Whiting
Best Finals Players: Laura Robertson and Teah Stepan

Reserves Women
Best and Fairest: Olivia Zuccala (67)
Runner Up: Tess Menzies (63)
Coaches Award: Emily Muir

Under 19s
Best and Fairest: Joshua Atwell (102)
Runner Up: Daniel Di Paola (70)
Coaches Award: Ben Rodwell
Best in Finals:
Elliot Atwell
Most Improved:
James Barbuto

Best and Fairest: Anthony McGlinn (60)
Runner Up: Thomas Cullen (53)
Coaches Award: Jack Curran

Milestone 50 Games: Alastair Clayton, Anthony Berlangieri, Bradley Perillo, Isaac Nolan, Lachlan Rush, Mark Andros, Matthew Blanch, Matthew Kenna, Nathan Whelan, Ry Elphinstone, Shaun Tyquin, Timothy Clifford, Zac Tolley

Milestone 100 Games: Adrian Bonato, Cameron Kemp, James Baxter, James Robertson, Lachlan Mackie, Mitchell Jones, Nicolas Watty, Patrick Hamblin, Patrick Lunn, Robert Di Roberto

Milestone 150 Games: Robert Kemp

Milestone 200 Games: Ash Viney, Anthony McGlinn, Steve Crapper

Life Membership: Ash Viney, Anthony McGlinn, Steve Crapper

Presidents Award: Matthew Frost