Dear members of the Marcellin Old Collegians Community,

Welcome to a new season and a new decade for the MOCFC.

I want to take this opportunity to use this traditional new year greeting to talk about the big picture of where the club is, as well as our goals going forward. We know that there are many aspects of the club that we are far from where we should be.

Whist we have great volunteers around the club, a wonderful cohort of players and coaches, and the support of the College, our Executive Committee has come together to acknowledge various KPIs that has, in previous years, not taken as a priority to ensure our clubs success. These issues include the following:

  • The current financial shape of the club;
  • Stretching our current volunteers too thin and asking too much of too little;
  • Lack of a rostering system to involve the families of our community in club operations;
  • Low financial membership supporter-base;
  • Lack of presence at the club by our former players and supporters;
  • Not being attractive to new sponsors as well as supporting the invaluable sponsors we currently have; and
  • Missing opportunities to expand the Marcellin networks for both the community and the players to take advantage of.

About 18 months ago, during the busy Golden Jubilee year, we faced up to financial reality of where we were at. We took immediate steps to make our financial decision making more accountable and transparent. Then, about six months ago, we started a consultative process where we critically examined how we governed ourselves and the structure we needed to make good coherent, and strategic decisions.

At the recent AGM, a proposal for a new structure was taken to the members, which was endorsed. At the heart of it all, was that we needed a more autonomous and responsive operational structure which made it more attractive for more specialist volunteers to join organised sub-committees. As a result of our recent AGM, we aim to put an emphasis on action and enjoying being apart of this wonderful club.

Over the coming weeks expect more communications from me and others on the Executive Committee, and various sub-committees, about what this is going to look like. But suffice to say, our model is about spreading the load.

We will be reaching out very soon about the various opportunities to get involved within the club. A current position is needed to be filled desperately, and that is one with assisting with the Registration of players. If you have interest in assisting with this, please contact me ASAP at
Please consider each of these despatches carefully – your help is not only needed, it is essential. We want to put the fun back in volunteering for the Club.

Yours Faithfully,

Marcus Clayton
President of the Marcellin Old Collegians Football Club