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Many of our Women and Men players are aiming to raise funds in September to help support brain matters and mental illness

Players are running/walking to raise funds under the banner of Gracie’s Gift, an initiative started by the Money family. This is in memory of Gracie, daughter of Liam Money, who unfortunately passed away in October 2018 to brain cancer. Gracie’s Gift so far has raised an astonishing $73,400, and the number continues to rise.

We also have a group of players growing mullets to raise money for mental illness research, a cause whose symptoms affect 1 in 5 Australians.

We are so proud of the members of the Marcellin community who have supported these great causes, and continue to raise awareness for it.

Here are the following runners you can donate to:

Gracie’s Gift

Teah Stepan

Claire Forbes

Annie Xanthos and Lani Pane

Tess Sammartino

Olivia Getson

Tim Money

Raised: $6,770

Link to donate:

Tessa Zagontinos, Rita Mankowska, Nat Gills and Charlotte Mahoney

Amy Coen and Felicity Bolles

Courtney Taylor and Charlotte Taylor

Sophie Cachia and Taylah Lambert

Charlotte Linssen

Laura Melenhorst, Sarah Melenhorst, Chiara Moretta and Jennae Wakefield

Adrian Bonato, Patrick Hamblin, Nick Watty, Olivia Frost, Bianca Casauria and Megan Wong

Nick Raso, James Cullen, Luke Gallo and Michael Stav