Financial Support for the club

There are several ways you can support the club financially. We encourage all of our supporters to consider these options:

  • Membership – either as a Club or Golden Eagle Member
  • Making a tax deductible donation to the ASF
  • Sponsorship of a player
  • Sponsorship of the club


Both Club and Golden Eagle – are voting memberships. Which means you can attend general meetings and vote on club matters.

They are equally important to us as they show your commitment to the club and support us greatly with the running of the club – on and off the field. As the price infers, The Golden Eagle Membership has more benefits in terms of discounts and opportunities. There is an early bird discount on for both categories, reduced even more if you book as a group (Golden Eagles – between 3 and 8) or as couples or families (Club Membership)

Become a member

The Australian Sports Foundation (ASF)

Some members cannot attend games or events – in which case we recommend you show your support to the Club by making a donation to the ASF. Funds donated to this fund flow back to the club and are used for specific things such as new equipment. Donations to this fund are Tax Deductible. A donation to the ASF does NOT constitute a membership.

Make a Donation


Many of our players are either studying, looking for work or just starting out at work. Their playing membership is a substantial cost for them and you can assist by making a player sponsorship payment on their behalf. Be sure to nominate the player(s) you are sponsoring on the form.

Sponsor a player

Sponsorship of the Club

We are fortunate to have a number of generous sponsors who support our club. We are also working hard during the off-season to produce more attractive sponsorship packages for existing and new sponsors. Please keep an eye on the website for updated information.

Sponsor the Club